Figuring It Out As I Go

As a grande finale I have deleted most of my posts – the last few are still sitting here. All the rest have moved over to – all the better to serve you, my dear. So bring your “what big eyes you have….” on over & snoop around. Things are laid out in a fascinating pattern of finding things you want or scrolling through POST-A-DAY will feel like this blog always has. Enjoy!


We have moved to: Click on over! We’ll see you there.

Packing the Boxes, Calling the Truck

Time to move over to my new website. It’s a full meal website. Still in development, but far enough along that I can start blogging from

Depending on your time and inclination, there will be some pages that remain easily available and more clearly categorized than a chronological list. Those pages are good for moments when you have a little more time or are looking for specific types of information. Not only will you have access to the pages but the pages will link to other articles and blog posts that relate.

After a bit, I will post a redirect page, but ask that you bookmark/put in favourites the new address: You should be able to subscribe and get the latest update by email. Although the software is proving obstreperous and you may have to wait for me to wrestle it into submission.

I will be Imagining Better in 3 categories: “Imagination & Brains”, “Kids & Their Adults”, “Joy & Honesty”. Within those broad categories, I break it down to “Imaginative Education”, “Brain Science”, “Kid Betterness”, “Ourselves”. I seem to be able to squeeze everything I know about how we learn, live, and love under those titles.

I also have a site for those of you who might like to join me in a more random and creative endeavour at This is my creative writing site. It’s a few weeks behind the Imagining Better site, but will feature all kinds of writerly shenanigans.

On both sites, I welcome guest writers to contribute what you know. There’s the quick & easy comment section. The software requires you give me your email address so we have some chance of weeding out the robots. I didn’t really think this was a problem until I had 84!!! offers for every happy pharmaceutical you can imagine.

If you are a little less quick & easy, pop me a comment asking me to email you and we can have an “in camera”/off the record conversation about what you might like to write for the site. We’ll make a plan and get your words of wisdom or insanity posted (I’m open to the full gamet – as my loyal readers have seen in action.)

Lots of excitement, lots of frustration. Thanks for tuning in for the first third of the year. The next big celebration will be the one year anniversary. By then, my ads will be functional, the content will be top notch, the posts will continue to variously educate, entertain, and eavesdrop (nothing like a little gossip & self-revelation to keep things from getting too highbrow.)

See you over at!