Looks can be deceiving:



I look ordinary on the outside. Worse than ordinary … I am average and letting myself look it. My hair is going grey, I’m on the tail end of the baby boomers, I wear the best clothes I can afford, my feet are size 7, and I am size M. On a bad fashion day, I look like a teacher.

I am a teacher, but looking like a teacher?!!!

As we journey, I may find myself becoming stunning and rich – and I will certainly let you know when either of those occurs. However, I will always be a teacher.

For 12 years I’ve most often be paid to be a public school teacher of high risk youth. Before that, and during it all, I have taught parenting classes, women’s advocacy groups, implemented government anti-violence initiatives, and generally given my opinion & advice wherever I find an audience. Sometimes, I’m a writer. I got a degree for it, and I’m going to use it by gawd!

I also got a degree for teaching – two of them. You may call me “Master”.

What’s deceiving about all this success and ordinariness is that I am kind of twisted in an adorably evil sort of way (so says my husband… and with lines like that, you can see how a girl would want to marry this guy!)

If a well-tangented bastardization of the English language is the way you like to travel, join me as I figure my twisted way from the spiritual superiority of poverty to riches beyond belief.

See ya.



7 Responses to “About”

  1. Marcell Iseli Says:

    Love your blog! Interesting read and good links. Keep up the good work!

    1. caitlynjames Says:

      Thanks, Marcell. Seems Ian is my best advertising – and he’s not even using the power of the internet! 😉

  2. Sloane Says:

    I like your hair and your picture. I don’t think I will grey as well as you have. Thanks for sharing through writing. Teachers should become rich because rich people are becoming teachers. That way there’d be more people in the ranks of Building a Kingdom of Wealth and Joy.

    My Western acquaintances (teachers) used to comment, “You Chinese! Always money, money, money!” But I would reply, “But if we teachers don’t know how to leverage the best of what we know to generate more economic value, then how can we prepare children to have a mindset of fulfilling their potential!”

    SC Mak

    1. caitlynjames Says:

      Thank-you! I LOVE what you have to say. I think I will use at least part of it in an upcoming blog. I will also include an link to your website. Your “About Us” page is very inspiring.

  3. spinhead Says:

    Howdy again, Caitlyn!

    Starting up my radio show in March; Business Heretics Radio. Me and my buddy Tom and guests and callers, talking about how business is broken, and the simple ways to fix it by being more human.

    Any chance you’d consider being a guest?

    I’m discovering that many small business operators have no clue how to deal with ‘kids these days’ and while I’ve got 3 decades of experience, I believe you have a world of knowledge business folks could really learn from.

    If you’d like to chat about it elsewhere, my email is joel@bizba6.com in case I haven’t shared that before.

    Thanks muchly.


  4. elizof Says:

    Glad to connect with you via Joel’s recommendation on Triiibes! Have a wonderful summer and I will visit your terrific blog again.

    1. caitlynjames Says:

      Welcome, Eliz! Might I invite you over to http://ImaginingBetter.com? A new post everyday – and lots in the archives to choose from. A Triiiibe-mate of Joel’s is a connection to covet – again, welcome.

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